2. Getting Started

2.1. Buying our sensors

In order to run code found in this documentation, you need to head over to our online shop and get yourself one of the following sensors:


Also, apart from these sensors, the red line follower is also supported. It is the predecessor to the Line Follower Sensor. This is what it looks like:


2.2. What I can use the sensors with

All these sensors can be used along the following platforms:

  • The BrickPi3.

    • Github project here.

  • The GoPiGo3.

  • The GoPiGo.

  • The GrovePi.

    • Github project here.

    • Platform for collecting data from the environment through the use of sensors.

  • The PivotPi.

    • Github project here.

    • Board to connect to a bunch of servos.

2.3. How to install the DI-Sensors

In order to install the DI-Sensors package you need to open up a terminal on your Raspberry Pi and type in the following command:

curl -kL dexterindustries.com/update_sensors | bash

Enter the command and follow the instructions given, if provided. This command can also be used for updating the package with the latest changes.

To find more about our source code, please visit the DI_Sensors repository on GitHub.