1. About DI-Sensors

1.1. Who we are and what we do.


Dexter Industries is an American educational robotics company that develops robot kits that make programming accessible for everyone.

1.2. What’s this documentation about.

The documentation details how to use the sensors that Dexter Industries produces and maintains - that’s where the DI acronym comes from. All the source code for these sensors has been written in Python. Within this documentation, you will find instructions on:

  • How to get started with the DI-Sensors - in general it refers to how to install them on your Raspberry Pi.

  • How to get going with the examples found in our repository. In the DI_Sensors repository, you can find all the source code for our sensors and example programs.

  • How to use our DI-Sensors - we offer a thorough API on the sensors we have.